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Sophie passed away on Monday 14 December but this blog was very important to her in her last few weeks. We will add the last few things she wanted to post so please do continue to read and comment in her memory. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On Wednesday 25 November 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. This blog shares my stories, thoughts and fears about treatment and my hopes for the future.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ONE WEEK IN - Wed 2 Dec

So one week after my diagnosis and it is really sinking in now that this is not going to be easy. We spent last Thursday and Friday at the Marsden speaking with the doctors. They are keen to work out the origin of the cancer (they're not quite sure yet) as once they've done this they can find the most appropriate chemo drugs and target the cancer more quickly. And this Monday and Tuesday I was back in for some more tests which were pretty horrible. For the EDTA test I was injected with a small amount of a radioactive chemical and then I had blood tests at 2, 3 and 4 hour intervals. This measures how well my kidneys are functioning and flushing out the drug. I wasn't glowing by the end of the day but my arms were getting nicely bruised. My veins also seem to be retreating, sensible things, so finding one that's willing to give blood is proving more difficult and making me more nervous every time I need a blood test but Cali was great at distracting me and we kept talking about travel plans while the doctor did his thing. I hate it when they tell you every detail, makes me very squeamish!

Yesterday I had a bronchoscopy...basically they stuck a wire down my throat and got some samples and footage of the tumour in my chest. I had to fast from midnight before and wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything until 2 hours after the procedure which was not nice as I am a grumpy moo when I'm hungry. Poor Kofi! I was injected with a sedative which was meant to relax me but I felt quite panicked with a tube down my throat and was spluttering quite a lot. The worst thing though was that they sprayed anaesthetic at the back of my throat and it was BANANA FLAVOURED! I HATE BANANAS!! I'm laughing about it now but at the time it was miserable! So it didn't get off to the best start but the doctor said they got everything they needed and I've spent the last 24 hours resting and trying to soothe a very sore throat and nasty cough. Nice to have a hospital free day though.

I've received some beautiful emails, texts and good wishes from so many people, many of whom I'd lost touch with, so I've made a folder in my hotmail account called 'Amazing People' and all the emails are going in there so I can read through them on down days. I still don't have a date for chemo and am feeling apprehensive about it, and especially worried about the side effects but it's the biggest step to fighting the cancer so I am trying to keep sunny side up and looking forward!


  1. Oh no! Having lived with you all that time I can indeed testify to your passionate and unceasing hatred of bananas. I feel for you girl xx

  2. Life is so unfair!! They could at least have given me some options, I would have been quite happy with strawberry! xxx

  3. Ha ha I know - they totally should have given you a choice. I love bananas but fake banana flavour MINGS.

    Thinking of you lots xxx



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