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Sophie passed away on Monday 14 December but this blog was very important to her in her last few weeks. We will add the last few things she wanted to post so please do continue to read and comment in her memory. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On Wednesday 25 November 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. This blog shares my stories, thoughts and fears about treatment and my hopes for the future.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


HIT ME! It's not even 11am and the day has not got off to a very good start. Struggling as ever with my UFO sized antibiotics this morning I got a tablet stuck in my throat which was bad enough, and then in the frantic choking that followed I managed to miss my mouth completely and instead pour orange squash up my nose. Then in the shower I got some rather large chunks of exfoliator in my eye (cue highly unattractive wailing) and then in an attempt to calm down I turned on the radio and Charlotte blinking Church was singing Panis Angelicus (cue more highly unattractive wailing). Bad things happen in 3's don't they, a bit like my tumours I guess!

I didn't sleep at all well last night, hence the grumpiness. As my Daddy would say I am behaving like a grumpfuttock today. I challenge you all to add this wonderful word to your daily vocabulary! My breathing has started to get more painful and very shallow so I had to sleep sat up with my head propped up on the majority of pillows in the Notay household, which sounds very luxurious but really wasn't very comfortable. Also lying on my sides or my front really hurts...my organs feel like they're fruits ready to drop off a tree! I'm definitely feeling more aware of where the tumours are so I really want to get chemo started asap now. My doctor called yesterday and thinks that the most likely origin of the cancer is in the lung, although I'm still mystified as to how I've got lung cancer. Answers on a postcard please! So the goal for today is to chin up and get some fresh air outside and stop grumbling and coughing like Mutley!!


  1. Love the blog, dumpling. Speaking of dumplings, if you need Restorative Dumpling Complementary Therapy (or RDCT for short), I am totally at your service.

    Big love like the King of Swaziland,


  2. Soph - Jonna and I went on a massage course yesterday (wedding pressie!) and it was ace. Anyway, am now an aficionado and can do shoulders, back but also hand and arm massages - so am at your service if you ever want one! Very relaxing...
    Big love to you and loving your blog xxx



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