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Sophie passed away on Monday 14 December but this blog was very important to her in her last few weeks. We will add the last few things she wanted to post so please do continue to read and comment in her memory. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On Wednesday 25 November 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. This blog shares my stories, thoughts and fears about treatment and my hopes for the future.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Thank you to each and every one of the 600plus people who braved the rain, sleet and snow to join us for Sophie's funeral last week.

It was truly a celebration of her adventurous life and a testament to her remarkable strength, humour and love that so many of you came to share the day. For us, it was as positive an experience as such an occasion can be and we were so very proud of Sophie and grateful for all the support from the community, school, friends and family.

Thank you also to all of you who brought cupcakes, brownies and other goodies in Sophie's honour. She would definitely have approved of the sugar overload in the Mem Hall!

Those that we didn't manage to devour were shared out to the elderly residents of Sexey's Hospital, the almshouse in Bruton; and with the doctors and staff of Bruton Surgery.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have so generously donated to Sophie's justgiving site for Macmillan Cancer Support. We are rapidly approaching £5000; a staggering sum, which she would have been ecstatic about! Thank you for this tribute to our darling Soph.

Alex. xx


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